Photographing wild birds takes a lot of time and effort. Patience, a long lens, and some good luck are the three things that are the most needed. But isn't it worth it when you get a nice image like this? (A Black-chinned hummingbird from woods near Junction, Texas)

What is the longest I've ever waited in one place, without moving, for a particular bird? Two hours and 47 minutes! 

In December of 2017 a rare red-naped/red-breasted Sapsucker hybrid visited Crescent Bend Nature Park in Schertz, Texas. This bird was quite the celebrity among us birders. I knew it was somewhere in the woods not too far from the blind. I hoped it was just a matter of time before it came for a drink of water.

Finally, after waiting for nearly three hours, it emerged from the woods and came within range of my telephoto lens.

Here is one of the images from that day inside one of my walnut frames. This is the second rarest Texas bird I've photographed.


Beginning January 11, 2023 you can see my framed images in person at DaVinci Art Gallery in Tomball, Texas.