Unique Frames

I enjoy combining the two art forms of photography and woodworking. That's why my unique handmade frames and canvas prints are designed and made to go together.

All of my frames are floating frames which gives the appearance of the canvas print "floating" over a black background. Each 5"X 5", 5"x 7", and 3-panel frame is a single solid piece of wood featuring interchangeable canvas print panels. 

The frames include two small permanent magnets that allow the canvas prints to be interchangeable. You can rearrange any of the canvas prints whenever you choose.

Currently I'm working mainly with walnut and cherry wood. I am a responsible user of sustainable resources and none of the wood I use is in any way threatened or endangered. 

This is how my frames work. The canvas prints fit perfectly inside the frames via precisely placed permanent magnets. This allows any print to fit in any frame of the same size.

 The 3-panel frames work exactly the same way.


And, of course, so do my top-of-the-line large size walnut and cherry deluxe floating frames.